Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Special Guest Blogger Colin Escott to join Hank Blog

Over the next few months Hank expert Colin Escott will write a series of entries focusing on the release. In addition to writing the liner notes, "Colin is the author of Good Rockin' Tonight: The Story of Sun Records, Hank Williams: The Biography and an anthology of music journalism, Tattooed on Their Tongues. He co-wrote and co-produced the PBS/BBC documentary Hank Williams Honky Tonk Blues."

Please send in topics you want Colin to address by clicking the 'comments' option below to post or click here and it'll take you right to it. 

Also feel free to share your own Hank knowlege in the Hank Google Groups

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Anonymous said...

How can we purchase the complete collection of material being released this year without shopping around to four or five different sources and winding up with a lot of duplicate material?


Don Holland

hankwilliams said...

Hi Don, you should purchase the 3 CD set which contains all 54 tracks.

You can buy it all major retailers. Here is the Amazon link if you prefer to buy online:

John W said...

I think Don wants to know if and when he will be able to get complete programs uncut and unedited.

hankwilliams said...

Please note that next two Hank releases (the second and third box set) release dates are not decided just yet.

We will advise as soon as we schedule.

Thanks Don!

Chris H said...

Hi Colin
When will the Barjan distributed 12 track gospel version with the alternate I'll Fly Away' which is different than the 3 cd version be available at truck stops,and what will it's title be?
Chris Hartlaub
Rittman ,Ohio

hankwilliams said...

Hi Chris, the Barjan version is out tomorrow 10/28.

The title for the Barjan version is Hank Williams The Unreleased Recordings; with the 12 tracks as you mentioned.

Chris H said...

Hi again Colin,
I have read that Hank recorded 72 Mother's Best programs.
Have they all been located for this 3 year project,and if not,how many are missing and which programs have not been found?

Thanks much,
Chris Hartlaub

hankwilliams said...

Hi Chris, please take a look at this entry below and let me know if you still have any questions. Thanks.